Debbie Reynolds Forever Memorialized by the Cast of ‘Halloweentown’

Debbie Reynolds is remembered by the cast of ‘HalloweenTown’.

In the late 1998 a tale of a town that always celebrated Halloween made its way into the Disney Channel lineup. During the series of years and life events that followed after, HALLOWEENTOWN always managed to put a smile on my face. Mostly because of the diverse characters in the film.

I always wanted a grandmother like Aggie Cromwell. She had a big heart, was wise beyond her years, and of course there is that witch factor. It took me many years to realize that she was actually the mother of another figure, Carrie Fisher.

Remembering Debbie

Losing both of these individuals struck a chord in me. True, I had never met either one of these iconic figures in real life, but it is the impact that they made into our world of creativity. The stars of HALLOWEENTOWN took to social media to express their sympathy and mourning and I love Grandma Cromwell even more than before.

Words cannot express how much Debbie will be missed. But, let’s take a clip from Halloweentown to suppress that sadness.

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