Horrify Me, the award-winning UK-based horror photography studio, has just completed work on a provocative new set of images depicting Lady Pinhead. Model Lucifera sat for around six hours of makeup as her long hair was hidden beneath a rubber skull cap and about 200 pins were painstakingly attached to a grid on her face and head. Careful blue lighting was arranged to capture the cold, isolating feeling of the original Hellraiser film poster, using gels, filters and fog.

lizDSC_3233-webIt was a dream shoot for Lucifera, who has been modelling for several years in a variety of themes, including erotic and fetishwear. She has always held a deep fascination for Pinhead. The collaboration between Lucifera and Horrify Me has resulted in some startling images with an eroticised Pinhead character trying to lure the viewer in to Hell.

The Lady Pinhead shoot forms a companion piece to last year’s Hellraiser shoot in which guest artist Sarah Smith painted model Debbie Tolley with visible bones and muscles, to appear skinned. This shoot was loved and shared by Clive Barker himself, much to the pleasant shock of the team!

Horrify Me has been shooting horror photos since 2014 and has developed a huge following. Horrify Me’s founder and lead artist / photographer Rick Jones loves to create horrific images, even some truly shocking ones. He works with his wife Claire in the Kent-based studio and together they have released some hugely popular shoots, among the biggest of which includes the Dawn of the Dead tribute, the Cannibal Holocaust impaled girl, Death and the Maiden, and the ultra-violent Joker and Harley. The latest Lady Pinhead shoot is proving to be every bit as popular among the creative team’s fan base.

Full shoot for Lady Pinhead: http://tinyurl.com/hh8xyzo
Full shoot for Skinned Body: http://tinyurl.com/jx82j5x

Credits – Lady Pinhead:
Makeup FX / photography / lighting / editing = Horrify Me (Rick Jones) – www.horrify.me.uk
Studio support = Claire Jones
Model = Lucifera – www.lucifera.co.uk

Credits – Skinned body
Body paint = Sarah Smith
Gore effects = Horrify Me (Rick Jones)
Photography / lighting / editing = Horrify Me (Rick Jones)
Model = Debbie Tolley

Amazing images from Horrify Me once again.