The Chattanooga Film Festival is hands down one of the best places for cinema lovers to experience and bask in the love of horror and this year the organizers have truly outdone themselves thus far with an amazing slate of films and activities. Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Joe Bob Briggs, and the infamous Uwe Boll himself will all be joining in the festivities this year.

Adam Green will be screening Hatchet along with a Q&A and Joe Lynch will be screening Wrong Turn 2: Dead End with a Q&A to follow. Adam and Joe will also be recording an episode of their immensely popular Movie Crypt podcast at the festival. Joe Bob Briggs is the patron saint of the Chattanooga Film Festival and this year in addition to his legendary yearly presentation he will also be hosting an intimate chat and Q&A with Uwe Boll which will be followed by a retirement party/pub crawl in Uwe’s honor.

These amazing events are just a taste of what the Chattanooga Film Festival has in store for attendees this year. In the closing night, spot attendees will be treated to a gorgeously restored presentation of the haunting indie classic, Donnie Darko, complete with a new documentary on the film by Daniel Griffith Deus Ex Machina: The Philosophy Of Donnie Darko. The Fred Dekker classic, The Monster Squad is also getting a screening complete with appearances by Andrew Gower and Ryan Lambert who will also be recording an episode of their Squad Cast Podcast.  Stay tuned to Terror Time for an interview with the festival director, Chris Dortch for more information on the festival.