BEWARE OF THE KLOWNS mixes the laughs with the horror

Clowns have been all the rage in horror for quite awhile now and it seems there’s no letting up with the soon to be released IT being so well received as of late. One aspect of killer clowns that has been conspicuously absent in this revival though is the comedic horror clowns ala Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Enter Beware of the Klowns, the first feature film from writer/director, Tim Wolak who makes sure to highlight the laughs just as much as the horror.

In Santa Mira, There’s a dark past causing a law against clowns. But now after years of peace, a murderer reveals a new threat. The only one who can stop it is the brave sheriff. The Sheriff is forced to protect the town and his twins, Joy and Lisa, from the terror that is the Klown King and his cult, The Klowns. Inspired by B-Movies, from the 50s, 60s’, and 70’s, the horror/comedy is fast paced and filled with the bizarre.

So if you’re looking for some laughs along with your grease painted protagonists then you can’t get any better than Beware The Klowns. The film is now available to purchase on  Amazon and the soundtrack can be purchased at Blast Zone Entertainment. Check out the trailer below to prep yourself for the gut busting mayhem. 






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