Underwater - short film

Evil Lies Beneath The Surface In UNDERWATER – Horror Short Film

With all the talk of Russia this last year we only think of politics so when we received an email this week with a link to this film we were thrilled to discover is was for a horror short film. With no expectations we hit play and sat back.

We are glad we did. Some things if done well translate no matter where you come from or what language you speak. Creepy is creepy. This one is worth the watch.

A girl is alone at home. She’s enjoying her warm bath. It’s quiet, calm, safe… up until the moment when she realizes someone else is in the room. And that someone isn’t just going to leave…

Writer and Directed by Evgeny Puzyrevsky. Starring Ksenia Radchenko Producers Aleksandr Ermolin, Dmitry Shepelev Co-Producer Vladislav Severtsev Director Of Photography Ilya Lyubimov Production Designer Egor Zabarchuk Makeup Artist Alena Bolshakova Sound Producer Andrey Konovalov Composer Vyacheslav Tkach Lighting Technician Vyacheslav Gaydarzhi Editor Evgeny Puzyrevsky Colorist Serafim Salnikov, Ilya Lyubimov Compositing Sokur Vadim Clean-up Aleksandr Ermolin Backstage Photographer Maksim Pervomay Production Studio D. Kupovikh «Svobodnoe kino Ltd. Moscow 2018

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