Bandit Motion Pictures has sent us plot details, stills, and the poster with artwork by Corlen Kruger for their upcoming film, PLANK FACE which will premiere in August. With a fantastic cast featuring Ellie Church, Dave Parker, Jason Hignite, Lexi Thompson, Nathan Barrett, Brigid Macaulay, Susan Martin, and Brian Papandrea working with the immense talents of Brian Williams and Scott Shirmer behind the camera this is going to be a movie you’ll want to add to your most anticipated list. Here’s the plot details, stills gallery, trailer release date as well as how you can order your copy on June 27th.


PLANK FACE is about a man held hostage in the deep woods by a feral family who want to make him one of their own – whether he likes it or not! It’s the second film from Schirmer and Williams’ Bandit Motion Pictures, which was formed earlier this year for the release of Harvest Lake.

“This is a return to horror for us,” says Williams. “It has ax-wielding mad men, cannibalism, bloodshed, violence, sordid sex, and some pretty dark psychological stuff going on.” Bandit plans to hold a world premiere screening in August, after which the movie will begin it’s festival run.

The trailer for Plank Face will be released on Monday, June 27th, along with the launch of a pre-order campaign where people can order copies of a Limited Edition DVD and other rewards that will ship in September.

“This movie features some pretty colorful characters. Even though they do some horrible things, we kinda love them now,” says Schirmer. “If all goes well, we see two sequels in our heads.”

The producers invite everyone to join their Thunderclap campaign at Signing up is quick and easy and adds to the social media reach of the Plank Face trailer and pre-order campaign announcements next Monday.

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Sneak peek trailer for ‘Plank Face’