Before the invention of cell phones the best way to cripple character’s in a horror film was to have their car breakdown wither by running out of gas, accident, or intentional we’ve seen a wide variety of mishaps happen to folks and their transportation throughout the years. So in honor of the A24 release, The Monster, here’s my five favorite car mishaps that left our poor protagonists at the mercy of the horrors ahead of them.

5. Wolf Creek- Note to self: Never hike in Australia. The 2005 film directed by Greg McLean and starring John Jarratt made the character of Mick Taylor into a modern day genre icon. Mick’s also quite adept at disabling unattended cars and spinal cords. The film showed us all what the real dangers are in the land down under.


4. The Hitcher- Rutger Hauer at his most chilling and mechanically adept as John Ryder is pure roadside terror. Poor Jim Halsey (C. Thomas Howell) went thru automobile hell in the film and lived to tell the tale. Remember kids, just say no to hitchhikers.


3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- Tobe Hooper masterfully showed us all what can happen when you run out of gas. Another great lesson to take from this is don’t go into an abandoned farm house after a madman has already assaulted you and your friends with a knife. The grave robbing going on in the area should have also served as a red flag.


2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show- Damn it Janet. It’s bad enough it has to rain during the drive but when car troubles put a stop to Brad and Janet’s travels it’s an understatement saying that shit gets weird.

And my number 1 choice for car breakdowns in horror films is….

1. The Vanishing AKA Spoorloos-  Rex and Saskia were just minding their business enjoying a holiday when they ran out of gas and stopped at a gas station. Their lives would never be the same after Raymond abducts Saskia. George Sluizer created a masterpiece with The Vanishing and the root of the suffering is all because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time all due to running out of gas. Make sure the tank is full and keep an eye on your loved ones. You never know if a real life Raymond is waiting on the tank to hit empty.


Be careful and alert out there on the roads and be sure to check out The Monster which is now in theaters and OnDemand.  You can read the brilliant review of the film by our own Amy Humphries by clicking HERE