BLOOD JUNKIES take over in the newest music video from The Casket Creatures

The Casket Creatures are back with their latest music video, Blood Junkies and it’s guaranteed to make you think twice before posting a Roommate’s Wanted poster ever again. The  music video even features a saxophone player with moves that would make Tim Cappello (The Lost Boys) jealous.

Blood Junkies is the latest music video off the band’s latest full length release, Deranged.  The video highlights the best of the band and showcases their spectacular musical craftsmanship along with the tongue in cheek humor and good times that the band is known for in their music videos. The music industry much like the movie industry is currently at a crossroads for independent artists, and even more so for a horror rock band but The Casket Creatures haven’t let that stop them from wrecking havoc and blowing minds with their patented brand of in your face Shock N’ Roll from the south. There’s even a hilarious throwback to one of their past video’s at the end that will surely make fans smile and remind them of what will happen if you don’t believe.

Check out the Blood Junkies video below and stay up to date on the band’s ventures on social media.

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The band’s newest album, Deranged is available  on Itunes, Amazon and Cdbaby.


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