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Netflix Orders Bright Sequel

Netflix has announced it has ordered a sequel to it’s uber expensive film ‘Bright’ which starred Will Smith and Joel Edgerton and directed by David Ayers from a script by Max Landis. Netflix paid $90M for the first film which did big numbers for Netflix but was also panned by critics and online watchers. Netflix says the film had 11 Million viewers in the first 3 days the film was released on the streaming platform.

The big difference this time around is the script will be written by David Ayers himself and he will also direct. It appears Max Landis will not be included in the sequel. We are fans of Landis’s work but this was not one of those scripts. It felt heavy handed at times with it’s morality messages which took away from the entertainment factor for us. Will Smith and Joel Edgerton will return to the project as well.

High hopes for this as the premise took us back to the Alien Nation days on TV and we loved that back in the day.

Leaked footage of Orc casting confirms the rumors: there will be a sequel to Bright.

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