Welcome to Camp Sunshine – A bloody fun 80’s style horror game

Welcome to Camp Sunshine Horror Video Game

A bloody fun 80’s style horror game. Welcome to Camp Sunshine

Are you a gamer? A lover of all things horror? Want to indulge in a wicked 16-bit graphic horror game where you are stalked by a serial killer? Well Paul Keene and Joshua Howard have created “Camp Sunshine” to satisfy that desire. One in the U.K. and the other in the US, they have devoted round the clock dedication to gift our community with a new horror game! With a successful crowdfunding campaign, and hard work, we talk to one of the creators and even a little surprise guest. One of the game’s characters. Riser horror juggernaut, Jack Norman.

Terror Time: Paul, thanks for taking time and staying up late from the U.K. to chat with me! How did the concept of “Camp Sunshine” come about?

Paul Keene: Well it came about purely because I’m a huge fan of 80s and early 90s horror movies … and I wondered if it were possible to create an RPG game where you were being stalked by a serial killer. The idea kind of took off and turned into this whole thing.

TT: So you get a great foundation of a game idea for the horror community. Next step, you put together an Indiegogo campaign. You guys have not only made your goal but it is exceeding it. With so many crowdfunding campaigns not making their mark, what do you think has contributed to yours being a success.

Welcome to Camp Sunshine

PK: I think what worked for us is that we’re honest – we never were asking for a lot of money, and Camp Sunshine was always going to be made regardless. We made the Indiegogo on a spur of the moment decision and when we started to gain traction we knew we had an idea that had legs – and plus playing the early demo ourselves was too good not to turn it into a full game. So now with the successful campaign we have some really awesome fans of the game who are contributing all the time. It’s brilliant fun

TT: To a novice gamer and horror fan, what is “Camp Sunshine” and where can folks get this wicked game?

PK: “Camp Sunshine” puts you in control of a normal American teenager dropped off at Summer Camp. You go to sleep and wake up in the middle of the night to find the place drenched in pixelated blood and a bear-suit wearing lunatic on the rampage. It’s up to you to find out what is going on and put a stop to the whole thing …and we’re now on Steam (as a coming soon page) – Steampowered

We hope we can create a slasher that can stand up to the likes of Freddy, Jason and the Candyman (here’s hoping!) but whatever happens we’ll make an awesome game that will put you on the edge of your seat and make you pine for the good old days of gaming and awful copies of Dream Warriors on VHS

TT: What horror fan doesn’t appreciate that set up! Is there any merchandise to look forward to?

PK: well … we’re hoping we can find someone to make plush versions of our killer as that would be awesome.

TT: I even snagged one of the characters in the game. You know him from CAMPGROUND: THE REQUAL, THE FUNHOUSE MASSACRE and highly anticipated projects like ABNORMAL ATTRACTIONS and THE WICKED ONE. (Just to name a few). Jack Norman. Jack, you are always the-larger- than life figure stalking the unaware and very unlucky. Now you are pixilated AND a victim!! Is there anything you and “the beard” won’t do for horror?

Jack Norman: (laughs) There is a very short list of things I won’t do but I’m trying to get my hands, and beard, dirty in every aspect of horror.

TT: In speaking with the creators, plush toys of the characters are a desired possibility. If that takes shape, could it officially be “The Beards” introduction to the horror community?

JN: “Dead Beard” (laughs) Since I’m already dead.

TT: Jack, will you come back and update us on your thoughts on the game?

JN: Definitely! I can’t wait for its release. I will be downloading the minute it comes out.

TT: Thank you Jack. Pixilated or not, we love anything horror you do.

JN: Thank you! And thank you for promoting this!

Head over and check out “Camp Sunshine”! A horror game with a hearty dose of blood, fun, and nostalgia!

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Twitter: @Fossil_Games

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