The award winning UK horror photo studio Horrify Me, well known for creating scary, controversial, and often sexy horror shots, recently completed work on their latest concept: The Bride of Pinhead.

Artist Rick Jones loves the Bride of Frankenstein and thought it might be an interesting challenge to create a new bride for Hellraiser’s Pinhead. Working with popular model Lottii Rose who posed as the Bride, and rampant Hellraiser fan Mike Butler who took the role of Pinhead, Rick and his wife Claire crafted one of the most ambitious character shoots of their life.

Rick Jones ——

“I didn’t want her to look just like another Cenobite, but to visually satisfy the role of a bride for Pinhead. Brides wear white gowns to look pure and virginal, but I steered away from this. Given that Hell is supposedly full of lust and sin rather than love and tenderness, I figured it would make sense to have her nude to give the character an erotic dimension. I also wanted her to be made in the image of Pinhead, so I applied his famous grid-and-pin design to her entire body.

I’m well aware that this idea is out-of-sorts with the Hellraiser world, as Pinhead isn’t renowned for his ability to fall in love. He prefers to cause suffering and torment. However I still wanted to try this just because I thought it might look cool.

Lots of people have asked me how their relationship works given that their pins make it virtually impossible to engage in close intimacy. All I can say is that love finds a way!”

The Bride required full body makeup including a geometric grid, and many hundreds of pins, all of which were individually hand made and placed on the model’s body one-by-one. Her makeup took ten hours and required three people to complete it.

Reaction to the photos has been phenomenal, most notably from some of the original actors. Nicholas Vince and Imogen Boorman both expressed their approval for the images and none other than Clive Barker himself said on Twitter that he thought the Bride was “glorious”.

Check out there website for more insane photography @HORRIFY ME

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