Writer, Doug Wagner, says PLASTIC is “a cocktail of over-the-top action and gory, psychological horror intended to make the reader’s skin crawl while activating their gag reflex.”

Did that get your attention? Well, it should. And when THE WALKING DEAD’S very own creator, Robert Kirkman, says PLASTIC is the “weirdest shit {he’s} ever read,” you know you need to get your hands on this epic comic series.

Doug Wagner is the brilliant mind behind PLASTIC and he recently spoke with David Brothers (Image Comics) and explained the series synopsis and expanded on why this medium for this story.

DOUG WAGNER: Everybody keeps using the term “weird” because I’m not sure there’s a word that accurately describes PLASTIC. We’ve got a blowup sex doll as a major character, a serial killer obsessed with anything and everything plastic, a car trunk filled with a cornucopia of strange, and it all takes place in the creepiest small town in all of Louisiana.”

“There are doughnut obsessions, people’s heads in Ziploc baggies, and tiny little naked toy-army ladies running around everywhere. We’re calling this a dark romantic comedy horror, and I think you can see why the only word anyone’s used so far is “weird.” The story itself is really a simple love story. Albeit, a love story between Edwyn, our serial killer, and Virginia, a sex doll. Their lives together are blissful, touring the countryside and enjoying each other’s company. Well, that is until somebody decides to “kidnap” Virginia in order to manipulate Edwyn. But manipulating a “retired” serial killer…not the best of ideas. See, Edwyn’s neurons don’t exactly fire like anybody else’s, and he doesn’t always react how one might want or expect. So instead of following directives, Edwyn decides to call upon his old “urges” and sever his way back to the love of his life, all while eating doughnuts and preserving heads in freezer baggies.”

Wagner went on to say “This book is wrong…in every way. It’s bloody, sexual, disgusting, and troubling. Some people are going to HATE it. With this kind of material, that’s unavoidable. But, for those who can stomach it, for those who embrace the strange as beautiful, you’re in for one hell of a disturbingly glorious ride.

Read more of this amazing interview and epic dialogue by David Brothers HERE

PLASTIC #1 is available for pre-order HERE

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