Lots of movies convince us to be scared of ghosts — but, in the halcyon ’80s, one genius film taught us ghosts could be funny, too. Since that time, Ghostbusters has become a massive brand — with sequels, theme park attractions, cartoons, comics, and another film on the way (more on that below).

The Ghostbusters have captured the imagination of generations — and now, thanks to the careful curation of Printed in B L O O D and the impeccable publishing prowess of Insight Editions, we can experience that world in an amazing new way.

In the Ghostbusters Artbook, top artists across multiple disciplines from around the globe have brought their own unique perspective to the Ghostbusters universe. Each page of this deluxe volume showcases a different artist taking a unique approach to this beloved cinematic universe. The book presents like private gallery of Mondo-style pop art images — each one inviting us to see the Ghostbusters team, Slimer, the ECTO-1, Gozer, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and other iconic props and characters from the Ghostbusters universe in bold new way.

Jason Reitman, director of the hotly-anticipated Ghostbusters: Afterlife, provides the foreword, which further serves to whet fans’ appetites for the next installment of the franchise.

Browse a gallery of amazing preview pages below!

Spark up your proton packs and trap your own copy of this deluxe 208-page hardcover artbook on May 19th. (You can pre-order it on Amazon now.) Just don’t cross your stream with any other eager fans…

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