For all those feeling the spring time blues and begging for the cool October breeze to return, there’s help in the new book, The Halloween Children written by  Brian James Freeman and Norman Prentiss. Check out all the haunting details on the new book from Cemetery Dance Publications. 

The Halloween Children are watching—they’re always watching in this chilling novel of suburban horror from Bram Stoker Award winner Norman Prentiss and Brian James Freeman of Cemetery Dance Publications. The accommodations at Stillbrook Apartments aren’t exactly glamorous, but they’re quiet, affordable, and well maintained. The handyman is usually available to help with a leak or a broken bulb, his wife and two adorable kids often tagging along. When occasion dictates, the neighbors gather to wish each other well and spread the requisite holiday cheer. Everything’s very nice. Very normal. But as Halloween approaches, strange occurrences are happening all around Stillbrook. The children tell disturbing stories, bizarre noises bleed through the walls, and one abandoned unit is found to be inhabited by something sinister—something that’s no longer alive. For the safety of the tenants, the Halloween party has been canceled. There will be no decorations or masks, no candied apples or witch’s brew. But without treats to divert the Halloween Children, they have no choice but to play some very nasty tricks.

The Halloween Children

by Brian James Freeman and Norman Prentiss
“A beautifully-written, scary novel that is as much about the dark side of marriage as it is a savagely disturbing Halloween yarn.” — Horror Drive-I

We’re very pleased to report that The Halloween Children, a novel written by Cemetery Dance staffers Brian James Freeman and Norman Prentiss, will be published by Hydra/Random House this June! You can read more and pre-order the book at these links: • • Barnes & Noble • iBookstore • Kobo