Fright Night Origins
Tom Holland's Fright Night Origins
Tom Holland's Fright Night Origins

STAR WARS Han Solo Pop-Art Pop-Tarts!!

Yes!!!! Pop-Tarts aren’t just for breakfast anymore. The beloved toaster pastries have surpassed breakfast and have been made into everything from Pop-Tarts beer to homemade Pop-Tarts cereal. Now they...

8-Disc ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Box Set Coming October 16th

8-Disc Nightmare on Elm Street Box Set Coming October 16th In an exclusive with Bloody Disgusting Varèse Sarabande has announced that they will be releasing the Elm Street Box Set featuring all...

THERE ARE TWO OF ME – Cody Schibi & Lance Schibi Art show

Amazing artists & twin brothers, Cody Schibi & Lance Schibi are having their art show "THERE ARE TWO OF ME" and want you to come! The show opens September...

First educational horror museum kick starter is here!

0 Come one! Come all to the world's first educational nonprofit Horror Museum teaching the history and legacy of horror films, TV, art, makeup and literature! But only if you make...

Artist creating replica Configuration Boxes from Hell Raiser

Each entity of terror has their memorable item that just represents them so perfectly, with Jason you have the hockey mask, with Freddy his glove, and with Hell Raiser...

The Scary Tapping Peeper – The epic Halloween prank

It's scary to think someone is creeping on you. Forget big brother, forget peeping toms and just imagine the nasty old neighbor peering out his window at you while...

Five Nights At Freddy’s Creator Announces RPG Spin-Off

Scott Cawthon, creator of the popular horror game Five Nights at Freddy's announces plans for an RPG featuring his characters. In an announcement to the creator reveled that his next game...

American Horror Story Fashion Collection coming to Hot Topic

With each new season American Horror Story continues to bring to life new tales of horror from a haunted house, to the freak show, and in this latest season,...

Syringe Finger Freddy comes to Funko’s Pop! Vinyl series

Syringe Finger Freddy comes to Funko’s Pop! Vinyl series Freddy's most iconic killing from 'A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors' is now immortalized in an adorable Pop! Vinyl...

Replica Camp Crystal Lake Signs Can Now Be Yours

Ever wanted to turn your backyard into your very own Camp Crystal Lake? Now you can! The UK based company Wimblett Products & Designs has just announced that you can...
Friday The 13th

Jason’s Ultimate Kill Count – Friday The 13th

Jason's Ultimate Kill Count - Friday The 13th Awesome Friday the 13th Body count infographic Ever wondered how many Death's were committed with a machete in the Friday the 13th Franchise?...
Top 10 Best Sequels

Top 10 Best Horror Sequels

10) Halloween H20- The return of Michael Myers and his sister Laurie Strode in 1998 was brilliantly timed and a blast to see in theaters. I think that’s why...