Make your guest shriek with these Halloween inspired drinks at your Monster Mash this year! From vampire inspired martinis to kid friendly options you can go wrong being the best bloody host this year!

Beetlejuice-DrinkGet the Recipe HERE!

The-BlackbeardGet the Recipe for the darkest Martini you’ll ever make here!

Halloween-Pumpkin-Punch-682x1024Looking for something a little more fall? Try this!


Chocolate Martini’s anyone?


Turn the party into a bloody good time with the Vampire Cocktail! Get the Recipe here!

Halloween-Fog-Drinks-copyLooking for something a bit more kid friendly? Check this out!

original_FL-Halloween-Cocktail-Bloody-Brain_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960Brains anyone?

Bloody-Shirly-Temples-Another great kid-friendly option, Shirley Temple Shots!

bloody rimmed martinis use_1Make it a bloody good time with the bloody massacre martini!


And how can you go any Halloween season without Candy Corn? And these candy corn jello shots are a sure way you’ll actually enjoy them!