‘Tis the season for hot cocoa, peppermint and ugly sweaters, and what better way to join the festivities and offer a bit of gory fun than with horror ugly Christmas sweaters and these 10 are must haves!


  1. Jump into the holidays with horror’s disgusting trilogy, these comedic parody of The Human Centipede will leave your friends and family a bit disturbed by your holiday spirit! Get it at Red Bubble in various style apparel! Gremlins_Sweater_1024x1024
  2. What better way to show your festive side than with this horror-Christmas classic from MondoTees, just be careful not to get it wet!Shredders_HiRes_122814_032_1024x1024
  3. HERE’S JOHNNY! Send your relative running through the halls with this Shinning Classic design from ShreddersApparel.Freddy
  4. 1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you, best not to fall asleep too early on Christmas, you never know if you will wake up! Get one for yourself at RedBubbleTheylive
  5. Consume Egg Nog, OBEY! Get this Sweatshirt while you can at TeeFuryShredders_HiRes_122814_039_1024x1024
  6. Those other sweaters not metal enough for you? Try Black Metal Snowman sure to make your Christmas Black from ShredderApparelClassic-Monsters
  7. Feelin’ something a bit more classic? Check out this classic monster sweater!friday-the-13th_reg_4b63ec71-c583-48a1-9277-81ce88a193b4_1024x1024
  8. Mondo impresses us once again with this killer sweater featuring the iconic Jason mask.  ghostbusters
  9. When the work Christmas get together starts to go south, who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Get this now at TeeFurynightmare-on-elm-st_solid-sleeve_1024x1024
  10. And our final sweater is a must have for EVERYONE (plus it’s nailed down the Christmas colors) another incredible sweater from Mondo.
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