VR has exploded in the last year and many VR headsets are hitting the market in the next year. YouTube already has a number of VR films you can watch on your phone with units like Google glass. Most of the films are made my amateurs but it shows how big this medium is going to be. Take a look at what’s available below.

1. Easter Bunny 360°

There’s no way to hide from this haunted hare. The past couple years haven’t been kind to the Easter Bunny, I guess. Three stars.

2. House Guest

Tfw you’re doing yoga while bae is showering in your tiny basement apartment when things start to go horribly wrong. I won’t ruin the ending, but let’s just say that’s why I never do yoga, or shower. Four stars.

3. The Forest

This one legit made me say “NO, NO, NOPE, NO,” and take the headphones off. I guess this one is a trailer for a “normal” film, about something called a “suicide forest”. I fear Sarah is dead, y’all. Five stars.

4. Lock Your Doors

‘Ware the chip, my friend. Two stars.

5. Camp Evans Base of Terror

This was literally incomprehensible until I realized that I was watching an ad for a New Jersey seasonal haunted house. One and a half stars.

6. Monster Hunter

Who would bring a baby into this monster-infested municipal building? Perhaps the same people who brought the dialogue. Three stars.

7. The Ring VR

This has everything— Jimmy Fallon, clip art beer— the future of fan art? Two stars.

8. 3:00 AM

Very little happens. Perhaps that is what scares us all the most. One star.

9. Hide and Seek

10. Horror Laboratory

Appears to be found footage from Uber SF holiday party?

11. Sci-Fi Horror

Realistic portrayal of scheduling via group text. Four stars.

12. 360° Camera In Haunted House

Ah, invisible child, bringer of darkness and foreboding, I’ll not fall for your playful footsteps and disembodied chuckle. Not this time! Four stars.


VR films are a new medium for horror and it looks like it’s going to be a great one!


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