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Loyd Cryer

It has often been stated that the horror community has created just that, a community. One place to witness this unique, enthusiastic “family” environment is the impressive grandeur of the horror convention world. From coast to coast, these conventions differ in style and location but they never change in the immense celebration of the greatest genre on the planet…horror! One of the Cons on the “MUST ATTEND” roadmap for con goers is the amazingly well executed convention TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. Tom Holland’s Terror Time is excited to be a media sponsor to this outstanding event but just posting a banner doesn’t seem fitting for the hard work and prep this group does to give our community an excellent weekend in horror indulgence at its finest! So I am picking the brain of the mastermind behind this great event. Mr. Loyd Cryer.

Terror Time: Loyd, 2016 marks TFWs 11th annual show. Can we take it back to the inaugural show? How did the show come to exist?

Loyd Cryer: Basically, it happened because I’m a huge horror fan and there was nothing like this in Texas. I had never been to a horror convention. As a kid growing up in rural Texas, the cons in New York and California might as well have been on the moon. So, it was something that I thought we really needed in Texas.

TT: So many feel that same way with the distance to events! You may have inspired someone in reading this to do the same! What has been the most encouraging progression from the first show to now heading into number 11?

LC: For the first six or seven years we’d run into horror fans in the area that had never heard from us. This year has been incredible in that most horror fans know about us now. It’s like we’ve become a staple of the genre and that’s a huge accomplishment and very humbling to me.

TT: You guys are absolutely a staple in our community! The majority of people really aren’t aware of all the planning and moving parts in making everything happen. When one show ends, when do you start prepping for the next year’s show?

LC: I usually take a couple of weeks off. Every year I tell myself that I’m going to not work on the convention for a couple of months. But, it’s hard to stay away from it. I get a lot of satisfaction from running the show. So, stepping away is hard.

TT: And it shows! You immediately see the heart you out in this! What is your personal favorite part of doing this?

LC: I love walking around the event and seeing all of the happy faces. My goal is to make sure that I do everything possible to make sure that all of our attendees have a good time. When I see them smiling, laughing and geeking out then I know I’ve done my job.

TT: Thank you Loyd for your time AND the creation of such an amazing event! This an event you won’t want to miss! Texas Frightmare Weekend is April 29 – May 1, 2016

The Southwest’s PREMIER Horror Convention

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