Making films is a struggle that can destroy you. Very few make it to the promise land in the genre and those that do don’t always last. Adam Green has built his career on being an honest filmmaker who gives back to the fans and those in need in a variety of ways be it a fundraiser, signing for free at a convention, or the highly successful and motivational Movie Crypt podcast that he, Joe Lynch and Arwen release on a weekly basis on Geek Nation. Adam was gracious enough to speak with me about the upcoming three day Movie Crypt Marathon in support of the Save A Yorkie charity, the negative spiral of torrents, where he sees the industry going and more. I urge you all to support the marathon on August 5th thru the 7th. Adam and Joe have given genre fans countless hours of entertainment and encouragement so let’s support them in this endeavor and show the world that horror fans are the most loyal fans around.


Terror Time: Hi Adam, to start off what was it that first brought the Yorkie Rescue to your attention?

Adam Green: In 2015 I made my first appearance at MonsterMania in Cherry Hill New Jersey. I wasn’t really doing conventions that year but I found out that David Hagan, one of the organizers there does an auction to benefit the Yorkie Rescue and that’s the way he got me because I have a Yorkie and there was no way I wasn’t going to go to support it. So for the auction I auctioned myself off for a date with a fan and I auctioned off a screen used hatchet from HATCHET 2. Together with the other items that people donated we raised around seven thousand dollars for the rescue which is a huge amount of money for a rescue which is completely based on donations and volunteers giving their time and homes for the dogs. It’s an amazing thing because it’s not a shelter. There’s no cages or dogs getting put to sleep. These are dogs that have lost everything and a lot of times they’ve been abused or they’re sick. A lot of times with Yorkies people buy them because they’re really cute and when they find out the dog might have medical problems with their eyes or legs they don’t want to pay for it so they dump them at a shelter or on the street. No animal should have to fend for itself. This organization helps them and makes sure they end up in the right homes to make sure it never happens to the dog again.


TT: That’s some dedication by you to auction yourself off for a date.


AG: Yeah. Horror fans are the most generous people and a really tight knit community. If you’re not in it and not into horror there’s this massive misconception that we are all a bunch of sick, weird people that hide in basements, wear black, cut ourselves and sacrifice animals. Once you’re part of it you realize it’s none of that. You can go to a convention and know nobody there and with the most minimal amount of effort you can make twenty new friends. Everybody is so nice. A lot of that could come from the fact most of us weren’t the cool kids growing up or maybe didn’t have all the friends in the world. I wasn’t completely shocked when people were willing to give as much as they did because people really helped out with the Boston Marathon charity event I did three years before. People from behind the camera really helped out as well on that. John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Tom Holland, Rob Zombie, Eli Roth, Chris Columbus they all gave to it including all the fans that stepped up to happily buy the stuff that was donated. For the Boston charity we raised over fifteen thousand dollars. Which someone said would buy two artificial legs.  If you’re going to make horror movies it can’t be for the fortune and fame. There might be one percent of people who do this that reach that level but if you can use this for something good then that’s the best reward you can get out of doing this as a career. There’s every reason in the world to quit everyday especially with where the industry’s heading and there’s a whole generation that won’t pay for entertainment. They just don’t understand that it costs money to make movies and that people’s careers hinge on it.

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TT: Exactly. And that’s a trend I’ve heard a ton this year from people I’ve interviewed. Countless artists have said “People don’t want to pay for movies or music.” And the brazenness of people stealing the art.


AG: Yeah. It’s so difficult. The bulk of the people who steal the films don’t talk or brag about it. They lie and claim that they did pay to see it but they didn’t. Then the other people who defiantly yell how dare you tell me I have to pay for this. Saying things like Fuck You. You make movies aren’t you rich enough? They don’t understand that we don’t even get paid to make the movies. And you don’t even really make money off the backend and then the studios want you to make four or five sequels to a movie and it’s like why do want me to make a sequel if it didn’t make money? It’s a really hard business and you have to be doing it for the right reasons. There’s so many filmmakers who only make one movie and it’s great but they can’t make another one because everyone stole it. I think people are slowly starting to realize that it’s the audience who’s killing the thing that they love the most and so it sucks that there will be so many casualties before more people start to realize that there’s no one left. But it will work out. People are experimenting with other ways to continue on. Darren Bousman and myself have both been successful with touring our movies and it’s almost like you have to look at the music industry and how they survived. Any band no matter how big they are will tell you they aren’t musicians anymore they’re t-shirt salesmen who travel town to town and sell band t shirts on tour. That’s the only way they make money. Touring the movie makes the most sense. You make a movie and only the filmmaker has the movie. You don’t do festivals anymore; you don’t send screeners to press. It’s unfortunate but that’s the way it’s going to have to be. You keep everything secret and you just go from city to city and if you have the fan base they’ll come. Once your movie has made the budget back you can then go to a distributor and everyone can steal it. Jeremy Gardner went thru it with THE BATTERY everyone loved the film at festivals then everyone stole it and they had a really rough time getting the next one going. They had to make the next one with their own money and not release it until they crowd funded it to get their money back. They’re being smart about it but that’s the new way of doing things. Or you luck out and get into the studio system and they spend way too much money on making the movies. It’s really a one in a million chance of that happening. The truth of it is the movies the studios make aren’t the type that the fans are wanting or talking about twenty years later.


TT: I agree with you one hundred percent. What can you tell me about what you’ve got lined up so far for the three-day Movie Crypt Marathon?


AG: The lineup that we have is so incredible. Everybody’s been calling and asking how they can help. We want to try and keep a lot of it a surprise but two of the things we will be doing that I can tell you about is one will be a FRIGHT NIGHT commentary with Tom Holland. Tom’s done commentary for FRIGHT NIGHT before but if people have heard the commentary’s that we do on Movie Crypt it’ll be very different with three filmmakers on the commentary. It’ll be really special. The second one I can tell you about is a table read of the first draft of GOONIES which Chris Columbus gave to me as a gift when we had him on the show. It’s so different from the movie that got made. It’s darker and crazier. As soon as we said we were going to do it every actor we’ve ever met is now calling wanting to be a part of the table read. It’s going to be really fun. We’ve also got musical performances, comedians, we have a clairvoyant coming who’s a world famous clairvoyant. She can tune in with dogs and cats so the fact that she’ll read Joe and I along with Arwen is going to be interesting. It’ll be a crazy awesome variety show that will surprise people. A good sixty-five percent of this are people who haven’t been on the show before.


TT: Awesome. I can’t wait for the commentary with Tom and the GOONIES table read. I wouldn’t be doing my job as a journalist if I didn’t ask about a new movie. Anything you can tell me?


AG: Nope. Nothing. It could already be finished. It could have not started yet. One of the things we learned with DIGGING UP THE MARROW is when we announced it is we said we were making an art documentary and you’ve never seen journalists look away faster. Nobody gave a fuck. No one asked how the art documentary was coming. So we got to make this terrific little movie without anyone looking for it and we screened it out of nowhere. That was the way to do it. We’re doing this one like MARROW. If everything goes as planned and no one ruins it then all of a sudden one day they’ll be a new movie. Movies just get dissected and discussed to death before they even shoot. Everyone’s got their opinions made. Every website has to have fifty clips and first images and four one sheets it’s like just fucking see the movie. It doesn’t matter anymore. I understand why you have to do that with a big studio movie because it’s all about opening weekend and if you don’t open number one then your movies a bomb. With genre movies you don’t need that. Just get it out there and let people see it as purely as possible so they can enjoy it and not have anything spoiled. I have to admit I’m making something because I’m on a podcast every week. I can hold back the details but I can’t get away with people not knowing I’m working on something.



TT: Those are great points. You’ve talked numerous times about your film making influences. Who instilled in you the love of charity and helping others?


AG: It was my parents. They’re giving and extremely generous people. My older brother had a really bad speech impediment and really bad skin. He had to deal with a ton of shit that I didn’t have to deal with. The way he was treated really opened my eyes to how you don’t treat somebody and what that does to someone. I was the kid who was everybody’s friend. If people were laughing at someone I was the one who wasn’t laughing at them and I’d go stick up for them. I learned that from my parents. There was a time when I was around six and we were playing in the backyard and I called my brother a homo. I didn’t know what it meant. I had just heard it said at school. This was around 1982. My dad almost fucking killed me for that. He had to explain to me that that’s a derogatory unfair word. I learned my lesson of think about what you’re saying before you say it. It sucks because in some ways the world has become too politically correct. You’ve got to think about other people and who you’re hurting. At the same time, you’ve got to have some thick skin and not just be looking to get offended by everything either. It goes both ways.


TT: Fantastic advice. Where can people go to find out more about The Movie Crypt 3 Day Marathon?


AG: The marathon runs August 5th at 7PM Pacific time thru the 7th at 7PM Pacific time. It will be on Geek Nation so go to and when the marathon starts there’ll be a button on the front page. All you have to do is click the button to start listening. There will be a link we promote during the weekend where people can donate directly to the rescue. We don’t touch the money at all. Fans donate directly to them. It’s another thing that’s sad that when you do something for charity the first thing you have to do is protect yourself. People always try and accuse you of profiting somehow. We’ve already gotten that with someone saying “Oh this is just a way for them to promote themselves.” It’s like yeah dude we’re going to stay awake for three days for something we don’t get paid for to raise money to save dogs but it’s really about us. I mean seriously fuck you. Can’t that person just be happy about anything? But anyway it’ll be easy for people to donate, the guests are going to be incredible and hopefully we have some folks stay with us throughout the three days. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing more details about certain events. There’s so many surprises that it’s hard to say what the exact time schedule will be. For things like the FRIGHT NIGHT screening and other movies we screen we will issue a list so that people can watch along with us. I’m really excited about the FRIGHT NIGHT commentary because it was so pivotal for me in making HATCHET because of the way Tom used comedy and horror so well. He just has such a great fucking sense of humor with the way he writes dialog. We also will be screening a movie that I don’t believe there has ever been a commentary for. Joe and I were speechless for an hour because we are so excited.


TT: Thank you so much for the time and discussion Adam. I know I’ll be tuning in to the marathon.


AG: Thank you so much for helping spread the word. Talk to you again soon.

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