As I reported last week, the AGFA (American Genre Film Archive) team has enjoyed thanking you for your support during these difficult times with their ongoing MYSTERY MIXTAPE series. The Mystery Mixtapes were just the pre-show I needed as I settled in last weekend for my movie binger. Now they’ve added a new flavor to the mix.

The Embalmer, a gothic proto-Giallo film from Italy featuring a skull-masked slasher, is their first offering from the Something Weird S-VHS master tape collection. This is a new digital transfer of the original tape master from the 1990s, complete with supplemental trailers and shorts! It will not be released on home video and is only available via download.

In the 1990s, Something Weird revolutionized the home video landscape by unleashing thousands of outlaw exploitation films on VHS. To this day, some of these mega-rare tapes include the best-available versions of movies that have fallen into a black hole of neglect. That’s why AGFA is saving and sharing them. They make AGFA happy, so they have a feeling that they’ll make you happy too.

After being in storage for years, the Something Weird S-VHS collection is now organized and on display at AGFA HQ. AGFA is thrilled to share new digital transfers of some of their favorites, starting with The Embalmer. They’ll continue to make these transfers available as exclusive downloads to complement their theatrical and blu-ray preservations with Something Weird.

You can help AGFA’s non-profit mission by purchasing this piece of home video history for a donation of 99 cents or pay-what-you-want. So don’t delay — get embalmed today!

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