Most of us are going through post-Halloween depression, but at least we have a little help getting through it. This week “American Horror Story: Roanoke” picked up where we left with Shelby and Dominic helplessly watching the gathering taking place outside their window. In fact, the way that each episode leaves off and picks up, it would be an interesting experiment to see the chapters cut together into one large movie. You know some USC film student is doing that right now.

They say there is safety in numbers, so the fact that our roommates are now split into smaller groups means that bad things are on the horizon for everyone involved. The tension is ratcheting up and the blood is flowing freely as we move into the final few entries in the Season 6 saga. Let’s talk about a few of the crazy things that happened tonight.



We quickly go to something that’s right out of HOSTEL meets THE HILLS HAVE EYES as we get to see Lee come apart. Piece by Piece. Literally. Audrey and Monet are facing their own horrors as the Polks continue to taunt and torture their prey. As unlikable as the actors can be sometimes, you can’t help but let out a cheer as they start fighting back, albeit after some REALLY uncomfortable scenes. Each one seems to start finding their strength in their own way.

Dominic and Shelby do their own ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 as their attempted escape turns into a siege. Bit by bit they’re forced back until they find themselves where they started: in the bathroom with the doors being the only thing between them and the growing number of spirits inside and out. As Shelby reflects on the mess she left in the basement, she decides to take things into her own hands.

The bloodbath continued on both sides tonight, as bodies hit the floor one by one. With only two more episodes left after tonight, it’s no surprise that we’re down to our last small handful of survivors. Or are we? With the appearance of another cast member at the door the next morning, we’re left wondering how many other people are still out there that we don’t know about.

AHS Season 6 Episode 7 - Hollywood Take (via Google Images)
AHS Season 6 Episode 7 – Hollywood Take (via Google Images)

Audrey’s “last words” during the height of the siege were hilarious as we’re left to mourn all of the performances we are going to be robbed of should she die. Sarah Paulson just seems to kill it in everything she does. Speaking of on-camera confessionals Lee’s message to Flora via videotape is both heartbreaking and shocking, as she pours her heart out and then regrets it later. Seeing Dominic go from heel to a blubbering mass in the corner seemed like poetic justice if it wasn’t just plain sad.

As daylight breaks, the survivors first think of escape, then self-preservation. The daylight seems safe for now, but the Polks mentioned that the blood moon will be full when the sun sets again, and the Others will be at full power, surely sealing the fate of anyone trapped on the land of the former colony. But as one producer already failed to get out of the forest during daylight, we have to wonder if there’s any real hope at all.

AHS Season 6 Episode 8 - Hollywood Reporter (via Google Images)
AHS Season 6 Episode 8 – Hollywood Reporter (via Google Images)

As the final chapters begin to unfold we have to start thinking about how this nightmare will end. With the arrival of Dylan, we once again start questioning what is real and what isn’t. How much of this is a setup already in place by Sidney? Are the victims of those planned pranks going to start piling up too? Much like season one’s Murder House, if someone dies on the land, their spirits are stuck there, so will we start seeing apparitions of those that have fallen victim during this blood moon? Could they help those who are left? Have we seen the last of Scathatch, the Witch in the Wood? We’ve also been promised a reunion with a Season 2 character, how will that even work?

The great thing about AHS is we’re still asking questions even this late into the season. The biggest question of all: How do we possibly get out of this?

American Horror Story: Roanoke airs on FX Wednesdays at 10PM.

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