The Amityville Horror

It was an early morning day in November 1974 when Butch DeFeo walked into his parents bedroom and shot them dead with a .35-caliber Marlin rifle. He would then turn the gun to his brother and sisters, executing his entire family in merely under 15 minutes. Butch then began his  morning routine, got dressed up and showed up to this father’s dealership where he worked. He eventually confessed to his crimes and stated that the “voices made him do it and once he started, he could not stop.”


These murders would eventually become a staple in the horror world with the launch of “The Amityville Horror: A True Story” novel that was to be followed by the popular film in 1979, “THE AMITVYILLE HORROR”.

It wasn’t the actual murders of the DeFeo’s that was serialized, but the story of the Lutz’s who moved in shortly after the murders. Bizarre stories of poltergeist activity terrorizing the Lutz family surfaced and the Lutz’s booked it after only living in the home for a month.

After being on the market since January of this year, it appears that the infamous home has been sold.  The home was purchased in 2010 by Caroline D’Antonio for $950,000 and sold the home to downsize; her husband had passed and she had no need for such a large home. As it appears on real estate records, she was willing to shave off nearly $100,000 from the original purchase price; the house sold for $850,000.


The spacious and upgraded Dutch Colonial home boasts spacious quarters at 5,000 square feet with five bedrooms, three and half bathrooms, a boathouse and plenty of sordid memories.

It is not entirely sure that the new owners realize that the home is reportedly built atop a Shinnecok burial ground with John Ketchum, known for his role in the world of witch craft, once residing on the property.

Personally, this is my dream home, but for some living in it has been a nightmare.

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