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Last Season had over 20.5 million views of coverage on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and more

New York, NY – (September 25, 2017) — In 2017, BLOOD MANOR, NYC’S Premier Haunted House Attraction, located at 163 Varick Street in lower Manhattan’s Hudson Square District, continues the tradition of TERROR to NYC’S HALLOWEEN SEASON! Blood Manor will also be appearing at NYCB LIVE, home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum at 1255 Hempstead Turnpike, Uniondale, NY. All dates and times can be seen at and The press party in advance of the opening will be taking place at WeWork on 175 Varick Street on September 28 th from 6-9 p.m.

The residents of BLOOD MANOR have returned and are thirsting for the AROMA OF FEAR! Several new characters have joined our LEAGUE OF THE UNDEAD and are anxiously awaiting their chance to terrorize all visitors with new scares and surprises. You’ll love meeting Dr. SHOCK, – he’ll give you a very thorough check-up. Also, meeting up with BOKI will only cost you your SOUL! And MAUDE will love having YOU for dinner!

For fourteen successful seasons, BLOOD MANOR has made facing your darkest fears part of NYC’S Halloween season. As the “SCARIEST TIME OF THE YEAR” approaches, BLOOD MANOR again wishes to thank all of its loyal supporters with continued discount ticket promotions including the return of the very popular Student Nights; Free Admission on your Birthday Nights and promo codes on all flyers and many websites for discount online tickets. In addition, BLOOD MANOR has special discount ticket packages available.

2017 will introduce our REVISED TIMED TICKET ENTRY SYSTEM! MORE FLEXIBILITY AND SHORTER LINES and WAIT TIMES! Now you can not only pick the date you want to visit, but choose the time – in 1 (ONE) HOUR time slots- so NO MORE TRYING TO TIME YOUR ARRIVAL FOR A ½ HOUR TIME SLOT. Now you may arrive ANYTIME DURING YOUR 1 HOUR SLOT. MORE FLEXIBILITY AND STILL LESS WAITING! Going somewhere before or after your visit- NO PROBLEM. This will make BLOOD MANOR ACCESSIBLE TO MANY MORE VISITORS WHO WERE NOT ABLE TO ATTEND IN THE PAST.

In addition, all you “LATE NIGHT OWLS” who like to do things on the spur of the moment or cannot commit to a certain short time slot because you may have been out to dinner or a show – WE HAVE SOLVED THAT PROBLEM TOO! For the last 2 hours of each night, GENERAL ADMISISON will be on a first come basis. And, if you want to buy tickets ahead of time, that’s cool too. On our site, the last time slot for each night will be 2 hours in length. MORE FLEXIBILITY!

Finally, many people who just don’t want to wait at all and do not want to commit to any time slot, have asked us to return to the “TRADITION R.I.P. EXPRESS ENTRY TICKET”. We have heard you and it is done! This year all RIP EXPRESS ENTRY tickets will be valid all night long for the date purchased. Come any time you want and have little or no wait!

In addition, you will be able to EXPERIENCE the TERROR of BLOOD MANOR in several DIFFERENT WAYS!

ALSO by popular demand, our “LIGHTS OUT NIGHTS”, Friday Nov. 3 rd and Saturday, Nov. 4 th return! AFRAID of the DARK? EXPERIENCE BLOOD MANOR RAW AS YOU JOURNEY THROUGH THE ATTRACTION WITH JUST A GLOW STICK and MINIMAL LIGHTING, WHILE THE CREATURES OF THE NIGHT LURK IN THE DARK, WAITING the undead, demons, werewolves and other creatures of the night will be lurking as you travel through the 5,000 square foot maze of corridors, chambers and hidden places where the smell of rotting flesh and death permeates the air and the prince of death can smell your fear and inhales its pungent odor giving him the strength to steal your soul!

The sensory assault created by those creatures trying to escape their eternal punishment surrounds you. No one is safe and nothing is sacred to the inhabitants whose only instinct is to create terror in all who pass their way. Is your AUTOPSY scheduled for this evening?

The eighteen environments – each with its own cringe inducing digital sounds – will raise your heartbeat to precarious levels. And yes, there is Blood – lots of it – make sure it is not yours! – The BLOOD MANOR residents exist to inhale the “nectar of the gods” by the gallon. You may think you are safe, but don’t relax your guard for a single moment- or it may be the last of your life!

That’s just a taste of the dangers awaiting you on your welcoming visit to BLOOD MANOR at 163 Varick Street in lower Manhattan’s Hudson Square District or at NYCB LIVE’s Nassau Coliseum. For those of you who have previously survived BLOOD MANOR, 2017 guarantees new and extreme experiences; for newcomers – be afraid, be VERY AFRAID! So go out on the town but make sure your evening of “fun” makes a stop at BLOOD MANOR!

For PSYCHOS OF TERROR, Mike Rodriguez and Jimmy Lorenzo, continuing the tradition in their 12 th season has only served to invigorate their creative juices and desires for all things sinister and dead. They are definitely ramping up the mayhem and chaos to create a “must do” experience that is second to none and that has become the “go to” place for Halloween in NYC- BLOOD MANOR! To them – HALLOWEEN IS DEFINITELY NOT JUST FOR KIDS! Oh and GO AHEAD SCREAM…IT WON’T MATTER!

For more information and all dates and times at both locations please visit and

Blood Manor NYC 2017

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