There are a couple of things that the world can always use more of. Westerns and werewolves. Papercutz is doing their part in helping to get us both by bringing back a cult favorite comic High Moon.

Created by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, the original run appeared as part of DC Entertainment’s failed digital imprint Zuda Comics in 2007. The series followed a bounty hunter who discovers that strange happenings in a small Texas town are not from your typical outlaws, but werewolves. While initially two volumes, Papercutz’s Super Genius imprint will not only bring the return of the series but finish the storyline with a third volume. The original run of the digital comic was nominated for two Harvey Awards in 2009, Best New Series and Best Online Work, and won the latter. It was also nominated for another Harvey Award in 2010 for Best Online Work.

Co-creator Gallaher told The Hollywood Reporter of the comic’s rebirth:

The Western is experiencing a renaissance with smart new stories, like the genre-bending Westworld and the upcoming Logan and .films. These are epic tales of lawlessness and justice, set against a savage, unforgiving landscape. With High Moon, we’re wrestling with those same themes while breaking a lot of the genre’s tropes. Plus there’s a certain wicked glee about having shootouts at sundown with a werewolf.”

The new editions will feature new cover art from Steve Ellis and will be in a larger format than its original version. Releasing simultaneously in hardcover and paperback, the first volume, “High Moon: Bullet Holes and Bite Marks,” will be released in October, with the second volume coming May of 2018.

The hardcover edition of “High Moon” will sell for $24.99 while the paperback edition will retail $14.99.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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