Dragon Con 2019

In case you didn’t know, Dragon Con is a massive multigenre convention that takes place every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. It’s spread out over multiple hotels and is so jam packed with panels, parties, vendors and celebrities that it is impossible to see everything. Every year I load my schedule with exciting events and cool panels and I make it to about half of them. Honestly half of the fun is the journey between events. I wandered through impromptu hotel lobby parties, a Viking themed photoshoot and even met Ming from Comic book men just on the way to one of my panels.

Dragon Con 2019 is probably going to go down as my favorite one yet. This is mostly due to how much I was able to participate and entertain throughout the weekend. My wife and I got to speak on some great panels for the Dragon Con Horror Track and the American Sci-Fi Classics Track. A major highlight was the panel titled “One Shot Slashers”. We discussed our favorite slasher films that never had an official sequel. It got a great crowd reaction and we were able to debate films like “Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon” and “My Bloody Valentine”. I even got to mention one of my favorite Christmas horror movies, “Santa’s Slay” starring Bill Goldberg. Yes, Black Christmas was also mentioned but Goldberg as Santa riding a buffalo just holds a special place in my heart. It may not be the best holiday slasher, but I consider it majorly underrated. We were also a part of “The Blair Witch Legacy” panel hosted by Needless Things Podcast. We discussed the Blair Witch films and the impact the original has had over the last 20 years. I rounded out the weekend by attending the premiere of my friend and the host of Needless Things Podcast, Dave West’s, fantastic new documentary “Troublemaker” and played referee on a Nicolas Cage panel entitled “Cage Match”. Somehow a panel discussing which Nicolas Cage was the best Nicolas Cage ended up having the most insane crowd of the weekend. That goes to show you never know what to expect at Dragon Con. It also goes to show that Cage is back and bigger than ever. I assume this has to do with how badass “Mandy” was.

We attended some parties throughout the weekend. They were all about the same with very loose the ming and garbage music, but at least this convention has nightlife and options. I feel like this is lacking at the horror conventions I attend. It is nice to have something to do after 10PM other than hangout outside with the smokers till everyone goes to sleep. They even had some fantastic bands this year such as the “Tomb Tones” and “Cybertronic Spree”. “Cybertronic Spree” is a fantastic band that dons full Transformer costumes for the show. I saw them last year and I still have no idea how they play in those things.

So that’s another Dragon Con in the books. Overall, I had a fantastic time. The costumes, parties, celebs and panels were top notch. The hotels were great, and the staff seemed eager to be a part of the event. Once again, my only complaint is that I couldn’t do everything on my schedule but that is also what makes Dragon Con great. If you are bored at any point during the convention it is probably your own fault. Even if panels and celebrities aren’t your thing there is always the 24-hour arcade!

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