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America has its share of dark secrets and mysterious stories.  In a day and age where everything is debunked fairly quickly thanks to the internet, it’s really nice to know that there are still some creepy places in the good ol’ U.S. of A that have yet to be explained.

Let me preface this list by suggesting that you only actually attempt to visit one of the three locations I’ll be spotlighting today, and that would be this first one:


The Cosmic Highway

 Located on highway 17 in Hooper, Colorado and considered “the UFO hot spot of America”, there are reportedly more UFO sightings in this area than anywhere else in America.  There is even a “UFO watch tower” that includes a log book for visitors to document what they among the stars during their visit.  The stretch of highway is also a meeting spot for many abductees and over the last several years, tourism to the area has ballooned big time.  Beautiful meteor showers splash across the sky regularly and most of the visitors are reportedly in good spirits, simply excited to enjoy the show in the sky and unplug from our technological world for little while.

While not everyone believes in the alien theories surrounding the area, it’s been acknowledged by psychics who have visited the area that The Cosmic Highway actually sits in between two vortexes, gateways to a different universe perhaps.  So watch the skies but keep your eye on where you step, as well.


The Curse of Dudleytown, Connecticut 

Often referred to as the “Village of the Damned”, this quaint town was actually abandoned in the 1800s.  Today, it is completely overgrown with trees and is private property so access is strictly forbidden.

It is believed that the founding family of the area, the Dudleys, were descendants of a traitor under King Henry VII.  A curse was placed over the family and many local residents during the town’s heyday claimed to have experienced troubling visions of demons while others allegedly attempted suicide after going mad.

Sounds creepy, right?  Well, none of these stories have even been remotely confirmed and the most likely reason as to the town’s abandonment was the fact that the area was simply too far from clean water to sustain farming.  Oh yeah, and there is no lineage confirmation that the Dudleys were related to anyone near King Henry VII, either.

So that’s it, yeah? Not so fast.  The television program ‘Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files’ declined to do a follow-up on their shoot at the site a few years back, while hikers have claimed for years that the area is unnaturally quiet and blue orbs have been seen.  Maybe there really is something going on out there…


The Devil’s Graveyard or The Alaska Triangle 

Consisting mostly of vast, unexplored wilderness, the land that stretches from the south region near Juneau to the northern Barrow mountain range, is considered one of the most mysterious places in American history.  The area has long been rumored to be haunted by evil spirits, one of which is called “Kushataka”, a shape-shifting monster that is believed to resemble a mix between a man and otter.  That sounds absolutely ridiculous, but so would the idea of politicians simply vanishing in thin air, right?

Disappearances run rampant in this part, with one of the most unsettling cases happening in 1972 when two well-known politicians from the state were flying across the expanse and simply disappeared.  A search party was unleashed in full force, to no avail.  Conspiracy theories boiled over for years after the disappearance and to this day, no trace of the plane or men have been found.

The area is considered one of the earth’s “vile vortices”, a tent pole like the Bermuda Triangle, Devil’s Sea in Japan and Stongehenge, among other locations.  These areas have extreme levels of magnetism and electric phenomena that can severely alter one’s physical, mental or emotional state.

Creepy, no doubt.  But it also must be acknowledged that Alaska has twice the national average of disappearances each year.  The state also has the highest rate of missing people never being found.  While aliens, shape-shifting demons and vortexes are an exciting story to explain these disappearances, it’s much more likely that the unforgiving terrain, wildlife and maybe even a serial killer contribute to most of these disappearances.

So there are three eerie spots in North America to read up on and get creeped out about.  Feel free to share your favorite weird spots in America in the comments below!

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