Bleak House Horror Collection LACMA

The man and his monsters

Guillermo del Toro has become quite the household name in the horror industry. Horror fans, you are in for a treat! Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has given horror fans an inside look at the filmmakers creative process. At Home with Monsters is del Toro’s most recent project; and it is quite the trepidation collection.

Photo Courtesy of Discover Los Angeles

A glimpse into the various artifacts and memorabilia collected by the stellar name has horror enthusiasts scrambling to the iconic museum. Over 500 stellar objects will be on display. Seems like an amazing tour for horror fans.

Fans from all over have been posting their experiences online; a journey into Del Toro’s horror world is mesmerizing. The exhibition is split into eight different thematic pieces: Childhood and Innocence, Victoriana, Magic, Alchemy and the Occult, Movies, Comics, Pop Culture, Frankenstein and Horror, Freaks and Monsters, Death and the Afterlife. 

A Look Into Del Toro’s World

While there are so  many icons elements of Del Toro’s work, it his collection that is a true enjoyment. With films such as CRIMSON PEAK and PAN’S LABYRINTH, it is no wonder that his inner creativity shines through the various artifacts he presents at the exhibition. The most valuable items are those crafted by Del Toro. Collections of his notebooks with sketches, notes and various jottings are what a true horror fan really comes from. The imagination of the iconic filmmaker and his creative drive is what built this unique exhibition from the ground up.

In conclusion: buy your tickets and act fast!  This tour will end this Sunday, the 27th. Most noteworthy of this amazing tour into the mind of Del Toro is the inspiration to start a collection of your own.

Guillermo del Toro at Home with his Monsters

Hope to see you all there!


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