Horror genre fans are always looking for something different to experience. Conventions, haunted houses or escape rooms. Well, if you find yourself in Tokyo, Japan the you need to visit the Vampire Café. Covered in wall to wall red velvet and spirited waiting staff decked out in Tuxedos and French Maid outfits at the ready to serve you blood soaked cocktails with floating skulls and food served in mini-coffins make this a unique dinning experience that’s needs to be had.

Vampire Café

So next time you visit Tokyo, Japan grab your copy of Bram Stokers Dracula and climb into a dark red booth for some spooky eats and dream up your next adventure.  As you would expect, the food and drinks all have vampire themes and names. One Tabelog user even noted that “the names are really long,” which might be problematic if you’re just looking to start eating, but we can’t help thinking it adds something to the setting. For example, one drink is called the “Dracula — The Count’s Power” and another is the “Iron Maiden — The Virgin’s Fresh Blood.”

The food is offered both a la carte and as courses. Courses are all priced differently, but most of them are between 3,000 and 4,000 yen (US$24 to $32). Many of the courses also have all-you-can-drink options (for a set number hours) as well.

Vampire Cafe


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