Halloween is officially over… but as we reminded you in an earlier post, Halloween never ends for us horror fans, no matter what the calendar tells us, and we’re always ready for that next spooky fix. If you’re a fan like like me, who loves to surf the web looking for new horror accessories, collectibles and assorted merch to show off your year-round Halloween spirit, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. So let’s do a little wicked window-shopping and check out my top 5 horror accessory picks of the week!

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1. Haddonfield HALLOWEEN (1978) PopSocket Phone Grip (UV Reactive)

Replicating the Jack o’lantern title sequence of John Carpenter’s original classic, this custom PopSocket is the perfect way to declare your spookiness, right on the back of your ever-handy smart phone. Plus, if you can actually venture out during daylight without bursting into flames, you get an added bonus: the pumpkin absorbs ultraviolet light, so you get an eerie glow from inside after the sun goes down. Michael Myers would approve, don’t you think?

2. Funko CHILD’S PLAY 2 Pop! Movies Good Guy Chucky Vinyl Figure (Hot Topic Exclusive)

If you’re a regular to Tom Holland’s Terror Time, you’ve probably seen (and hopefully bought) some sweet Child’s Play merch in our shop. But if you’re still expanding your Chucky collection, this cute and cuddly “Good Guys” vinyl figure from Funko Pop! (exclusive to Hot Topic stores) is a must-have. It may look like an adorable addition to your Funko POP! collection… but beware of what the Chuckster is hiding behind his back!

3. Cavity Colors “Every Day Is Halloween” Glow-in-the-Dark Enamel Pin

As you may have discovered, glow-in-the-dark horror accessories are my jam, so this enamel pin from popular designers Cavity Colors hits me right in the happy place: displaying its proud Halloween message in white during the daytime, and glowing bright, ghoulish green at night!

4. THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Countdown Table Clock (Hot Topic Exclusive)

In our previous article on beating the post-Halloween blues, we encouraged you to keep a calendar counting down the days to next year’s festivities. Here’s an alternate option for fans of Tim Burton’s animated classic. This countdown clock is a perfectly festive piece to keep Halloween (or Christmas, of course) in your heart year-round, but also offers some alternate Gothic decor for virtually any holiday… especially when that one neighbor annoyingly puts up their Christmas decorations way too early.

5. Mezco SAW Talking “Billy” Puppet

SAW fans, it’s time to open that wallet… because you can take your very own 15-inch Billy Puppet from the grisly torture franchise home with you! It comes with 11 different recorded phrases to offer you some inspiring messages… and be sure to take his advice, so you can spare yourself Jigsaw’s wrath by cherishing your life all day, every day!

Chok Suwanavisootr is a freelance writer who has contributed columns to Blumhouse.com, posts movie reviews at @moviesmaniax, and is also a working actor (find him on IMDb). His favorite horror franchises are Child’s Play, SAW, and Hellraiser… and as you can see, he has a major addiction to collecting horror figures, enamel pins, and just about anything that glows in the dark. His personal motto: Cherish your life and “Live Deliciously.”

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