One of my least favorite times to be a member of social media came over the course of several months this year, leading up to the release of the Paul Feign-directed revamp of Ghostbusters.  You may have heard of the new film – starring all women, it was a blasphemous attack on a beloved cinematic experience and would absolutely fail miserably at the box office, because, you know, women just weren’t as funny as guys and couldn’t power a comedy/horror franchise…  Wait, no.  That’s what I was hearing on social media.  As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet”.

The film has raked in over $62 million domestically in less than a week and reviews from people who have actually seen the film are coming back relatively favorable.  Of course, no film is going to win over everyone but it’s nice to see that the world did not, in fact, end when this film was released nor has it done any irreparable damage to the classic.  The fact of the matter is – this new Ghostbusters is being enjoyed by families, both male and female, and toy shelves are seeing some of the love as well!

Per Variety, in an exclusive interview with senior VP of design and marketing for Mattel’s Toy Box, Joe Lawandus, the toy company’s strategy to sell the female action figures in the boys’ toy aisles has been a smart one.  Sales numbers have “exceeded expectations”.

“We’re thrilled with the response to the new Ghostbusters toy line… The early momentum shows the product is resonating with Ghostbusters fans!” Lawandus said.

In light of the recent unacceptable behavior on social media that forced Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones to seek the assistance of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in getting several racist, female-bashing Twitter users removed from the site, as well as pictures popping up all over the social media world showing Ghostbusters toys being put on clearance before the film even came out, it’s nice to see that people are embracing a fun family-friendly film that is empowering young girls everywhere to believe that they can do whatever they want in life – whether that be becoming a scientist or kicking some ghost butt.




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