Tom Holland’s Terror Time is thrilled to partner up with the one and only FRIGHT-RAGS to offer an exclusive promo code for the month of April!

Fright-Rags has rolled out tons of new merch designs for this month — including horror-movie “mashup” parodies that look like just the thing to lift your spirits. The new artwork includes Fright Night in the style of Saturday Night Fever, Silver Bullet in the style of Purple Rain, and Christine in the style of Back to the Future. Each mashup is available on t-shirts and hoodies, and Fright-Rags are taking pre-orders now that will ship the week of April 17.

Be the life of your next Zoom party with Fright-Rags’ April Fool’s Day! The ’80s slasher-comedy design has recently been restocked, and comes on tees and hoodies.

Fright-Rags also salutes horror master George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead with a slew of new apparel from the zombie classic: two t-shirts — including a very patriotic Bub — lounge pants (you won’t want to hide these under your desk next time you Skype with friends), a dad hat, a snap-back hat, and Bub socks. We are also seriously coveting the gory Captain Rhodes enamel pin — with sliding pull-apart action! These are all available to order now.

We’re not done with you yet! You can get four classic Evil Dead t-shirt designs that have been re-stocked, including a new Evil Dead 2 design. The classic original Evil Dead poster is featured on a blue tee. There are also Evil Dead lounge pants — because Fright-Rags knows just what our wardrobe needs right now during the current Stayhomaclypse. These items are available for pre-order now, and also ship the week of April 17. Join Us!

NOTE: Our friends at FRIGHT-RAGS have been staying in touch with us during the current health crisis, and they assure us that precautions have been taken to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 — including a one-person shipping operation and regular sanitizing of workstations.

Stay safe out there, Fiends!

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