Lucio Fulci is a name that is revered by horror fans worldwide and Eibon Press is continuing to expand on the legacy that he left behind with the amazing comic book series, Gates of Hell which is based off of Fucli’s iconic film, City of the Living Dead. This isn’t the first time that Eibon Press has paid homage to the king of gore, they first honored him with their highly successful run of comics based off of the classic film, Zombie. 

In addition to the comic they have also released a T shirt and enamel pin set that will rip the innards out of even the most hardened horror fan. The world of horror comics has been a staple and gateway for horror fans throughout the decades. I highly recommend picking up a copy for you and your closest fiend while you have the chance by going to the Eibon Press Website.

Here’s what you get:

A beautiful full-color 36 page comic book with the highest quality printing and paper! Featuring incredible art and an amazing adaptation of the story and characters from Lucio Fulci’s CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD!  This is the first issue in our soon-to-be-legendary SAGA OF THE 7 GATES series!

Also featuring BEHIND THE SCENES sketches and preview art from GATES OF HELL #2!

Sealed by hand in shrink-wrap in our special variant cover Eibon Sleeve!

With incredible cover art by KYLE HOTZ and JASON MOORE, superstar artists of EVIL ERNIE, BATMAN, THE PUNISHER and DOCTOR STRANGE!!!!

Signature Edition also contains the following awesome special features:

– Signed collector’s print, featuring stunning reproduction of the original cover art, signed and numbered by writer STEPHEN ROMANO!

– 2 limited edition TRADING CARDS, signed by writer STEPHEN ROMANO!

– Outer sticker signed by writer STEPEHN ROMANO

– Bonus full color GATES OF HELL STICKER, featuring the Hotz/Moore cover art!

– Limited edition “BOTTOMFEEDER” COLLECTOR’S BOOKMARK! Double-sided, featuring full color gory artwork from the upcoming series!

– Full color CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY BOOKLET, containing all-new art and a PREVIEW of the Hotz/Moore cover of GATES #2!

Special bonus surprises randomly inserted throughout all 1,000 copies!



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