The only thing preoccupying most people’s minds as much (or more than) the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is the mind-frying train wreck that is Netflix’s docu-series Tiger King — and the most viral memes to emerge from that bedazzled day-glo dumpster fire are variations on the “Carole Baskin Killed Her Husband” theme. Now, even the Mistress of the Dark is joining in the fun, reassuring us that her trademark macabre sense of humor has not diminished since this whole debacle began.

Elvira (a.k.a. Cassandra Peterson) posted an in-home video to her social media depicting herself as a spookier version of Baskin — complete with floral crown — satirizing the latter’s “Big Cat Rescue” business in her own charmingly twisted way:

The video concludes with Elvira’s assurance that her husband Don is very much alive — and provides us with “proof,” as the camera pans over to a nearly-defleshed skeleton in a trucker hat, propped up in a nearby chair.

There’s some comfort to be found knowing Elvira is maintaining her devious wit in the face of global disaster. We’re all looking for a wry smile amid the chaos… and her sweetly wicked grin is one thing we all hope is contagious!

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