For the Woman Who Has Everything: Rat Thong


Nothing says “Sexy” quite like a pair of skimpy undies—fashioned from dead rodents.

Shout out to the folks at Dangerous Mind for putting this sick little number on my radar.  While this piece of work is being touted as “Taxidermied Rat Underwear” you can clearly see two heads, which means it’s constructive of at least two critters!

We can thank (or blame) the folks at for inflicting this one on society, inspiring some truly bizarre mental images—whether we want them or not!  The site is in its fifth year of showcasing all manner of taxidermy disasters.  Crappy head-honcho Kat Su even released a high quality, hardcover coffee table book that features some of the, umm, “best” of them.  Grab yours on Amazon today at:

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