If you’re one of the tens of thousands of us using the Zoom conferencing app, you may have tried various ways to inject a little thrill into the drudgery of yet another staff meeting. The app even lets you create your own backgrounds, which is particularly cool if you’re a horror fan (any meeting is more fun when Evil Dead 2 is playing behind one of the participants). But UK director Rob Savage (Dawn of the Deaf) has raised the art of Zoom-pranking to an epic new level that’s going to be hard to beat.

During an online conference with a group of friends, Savage let slip an ominous hint: he claimed to be hearing “footsteps” from above his room. Under the pretext of satisfying his friends’ curiosity about the strange noises, Savage carried his laptop — with camera video still streaming — up to his attic to investigate.

That’s when the following incident happened… (turn off your lights and turn up the volume for maximum effect), resulting in one of the greatest reaction videos ever made. Trust me, these screams are real… and they’re spectacular.

Did you jump? Come on, you can be honest. Just a little bit?

Of course, you probably recognized the cinematic source of the “money shot” here (so to speak). We won’t spoil it for you, but serious horror fans will definitely get it!

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