It’s November… What now?

As horror fans, it’s pretty much a given that every day is Halloween; October 31st is just the day the rest of the world catches up to us. But once the “real” Halloween decorations come down (and of course, the stores already have their Christmas stuff up), it can still be tough to see everyone else move on from our favorite day of the year… seriously, don’t they know what they’re missing?

Well, never mind them. To borrow from The Omen, “It’s all for you!” We thought we’d do our part to keep your spooky holiday spirit going, so we put a little list together to keep you focused. Here’s the first part…

Start Your Halloween 2020 Countdown Now!

Halloween Countdown Chalkboard by Zombolina

Isn’t this the perfect time to start counting down to next Halloween? These beautifully crafted chalkboards by Zombolina are just the thing to hang up in the haunted homestead and keep up year ‘round. You must also check out her stunning long bone candles, available in humerus, ulna, radius and femur. How else will you decorate the table on Turkey Day?

Lounge in Comfort, Horror Style

Image 1: Creepcake; Images 2 & 3: Poltergeists and Paramours

Ladies, turn the furnace on, because there will be no flannel pajamas this Fall and Winter. Poltergeists and Paramours offers some of the most original horror-branded lingerie and undies around, designed and created by artist, journalist, photographer and filmmaker Ama Lea. While you’re relaxing in your loungewear, read the latest issue of Delirium Magazine, guest-edited by this Renaissance woman of horror.

Of course I don’t want to leave out the men and the male-identifying; PSD (Pants Saggin’ Dezign) has some of the coolest-looking horror franchise boxer briefs. Check out their Friday the 13th, It and A Nightmare on Elm Street designs, which should keep your spirits from saggin’ (among other things).

Start Planning Next Year’s Halloween Costume

Images: Online Makeup Academy

You’ve waited ‘til the last minute long enough! Let 2020 be the year you take that sewing or makeup class. Pull out all the stops to finally make your dream costume. Go to Online Makeup Academy to check out their accredited online special make-up FX courses, or Udemy for single courses as low as $10.99.

To make a full-body creature suit like a cosplayin’ ninja, check out fabrications maestro Ted Haines in the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. (Nerd Alert: Ghostbusters‘ Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man himself, Bill Bryan, makes a guest appearance in some of Ted’s courses!) Take that online class. No excuses – you have over 360 days to do this!

Take in Some Spooky Culture

Image: The “Soap Lady” at Mutter Museum, Philadelphia, PA

Nothing keeps you in the Halloween frame of mind like taking in a horror movie or monster exhibit while you plan for Halloween 2020. For example: if you plan to be in the L.A. area between now and April of next year, you need to check out the “Natural History of Horror” exhibit at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.

But while plenty of monsters inhabit Hollywood (take that any way you like), there’s an endless world of horror-friendly exhibits outside of Southern California, including morbid gems like the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, which most visitors will tell you is waaay creepier than any haunted attraction in existence, or the Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans (trust us, it’s creepy as hell too). Traveling to Europe for the Holiday season? Make a pilgrimage to Rome to visit the official Dario Argento shop and mini-museum, Profondo Rosso – named of course after the maestro’s 1975 giallo classic.

We’re just getting warmed up, so stay tuned for future installments… including a look at free horror online streaming options, podcasts that transport you to an alternate aural dimension of terror, and lots more!

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