It’s that time of the month again! Time for January’s Horror Block review. This month we were promised a zombie item as well as an item from Stephen King’s killer prom date, Carrie.

Photo Feb 06, 10 22 25 AM

At first glance we noticed a doll head, a grave yard phone holder & this month’s tee.

Photo Feb 06, 10 22 39 AM

So, will at first glance I’m not entirely sure what this is supposed to be… maybe a mug? Piggy Bank?

Photo Feb 08, 3 18 18 PM

No. It’s just a creepy baby doll head. Because that’s not creepy at all!

Photo Feb 08, 3 17 45 PM

Next in January’s horror block and one of our promised items, this zombie gravestone phone holder, by the looks of it you would use this to hold your phone upright while charging.

Photo Feb 08, 3 19 07 PM

Our next promised item is this Carrie film cell, our cell featured a bloody face of Carrie.

Photo Feb 08, 3 19 14 PM

Keep your keys safe with Horror Block’s exclusive cleaver key chain!

Photo Feb 08, 3 18 41 PM

As for this month’s shirt, John Carpenter fans will be pleased with this killer OBEY, They Live, T-shirt.

Photo Feb 08, 3 19 30 PM

And our final item in this month’s block is from Rue Morgue, Blood in four colours book based on the history of graphic horror comics.

Photo Feb 08, 3 19 44 PM

Get ready for next month’s horror block as you’ll be getting some Walking Dead and additional zombie items!!!

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