We have seen several companies creating replications of the infamous Configuration Box from Clive Barker’s terrifying series Hellraiser, however, none get better than this! In a very small release of 87, Clive Barker will be releasing this configuration box which is molded from the original box used in the film that has been in Clive Barker’s personal collection. At the price of $450.00 this couldn’t be any cooler!

According to Clive Barker’s Website:

Presented as a hand-made, extremely limited edition.

This Lament Configuration is an exact replica of an original that has been part of Clive’s personal collection for over 25 years.

Painstakingly molded, cast in resin and hand painted to preserve the look and patina of the original prop.

Each Lament Configuration is assembled in-house, onto a custom-made base and comes numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

This item is being be pre-sold until January the 1st 2016, or to a maximum of 87 orders (which ever is reached first). No orders after this date shall be accepted. Nor shall this item be made available again.

Shipping: February 2016.

These preservation replicas are hand-made by professional makeup and special effects artists Cris Alex and Stephen Imhoff


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