The Mortal Kombat series has been pulling from the iconic horror genre for a while now. All of this horror DLC can only lead one to speculate on what is next for the gore filled franchise. With the success of the Injustice franchise which centers around iconic DC comics fighters, my hope is that they eventually make an entire fighting game that is solely based on the horror genre.

Unfortunately, until anything is actually confirmed we will just have to speculate and hope for the best. They have already used several horror characters such as Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, the Xenomorph and Predator. This is my top 10 wishlist for DLC horror characters for future MK titles. I am also ignoring all copyright and legal mumbo jumbo. This is just for fun.

Ash Williams – Armed with his chainsaw hand and broomstick combination, this is a groovy no brainer.

image2 (1)

Victor Crowley – Sheer brute force, and an almost unlimited variety of weapons. Where does he get all of those toys?


Andre Toulon – Weird choice, but it could totally work. Having the roster of puppets to summon while he stayed in the background would make for some diverse and interesting battles.

Pinhead – Maybe an obvious choice, but I think that Pinhead could have a varied move set. This could include chains hooks and various other horrific torture methods.


Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. – This one would never happen, but imagine the possibilities of having the powers of the Kabuki at your fingertips. Heat seeking chopsticks… fatal sushi… Maybe we should move on.


Candyman – Not the bees! Candyman with his hook and his supernatural abilities would make for a diverse and unique fighting style.

Charlie “Firestarter” – This one may not work because of the whole fatality being performed on a child thing, but the pyromantic eyes skill set would make for some interesting defensive and offensive moves.

Otis Driftwood – A mix of blades, firearms and pure insanity would make Otis a strong contender in the MK universe. Also, just think of the different skins he could have! For the record, I don’t mean in game costumes, I mean actual faces.


Chucky – Maybe not be a powerhouse, but he is quick and deadly.


Michael Myers – The ultimate in pure evil. Michael may not have as many varied attacks and fighting styles, but each hit would be devastating.


Close runner-ups – Regan, Cropsey, Bigfoot, Malachi and The Toxic Avenger.

Oh the possibilities!


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