St. Louis electronic/synthwave band Giant Monsters On The Horizon released their new album “Live From Night City” during Corona Time.

Don’t be confused by the title. “Live From Night City” is actually a studio album. The band explains, “when writing this album, we were dealing with isolation, depression, illness, and other struggles. You will see those themes and attempts to overcome them in a lot of the songs throughout. We tried to wrap it all up into a tight little package of stories you might see in fictitious Night City, which could represent any city really.”

“For all of the technological advances we have made in the world, we are at a much worse place than we ever thought we would be. Welcome to Night City. So how did we get here?”

Cyber-punk dreams and gigabyte wishes, Giant Monsters On The Horizon exemplifies all of the pitch-black goodness that makes the retro-futurist movement so interesting. Armed with shimmering synths, vocoders, and ambitions as robust as their beats, Vincent Saletto and Madison Olivia Davis create an amalgam of Wax Trax!-ish darkwave/Electro/EBM that pulsates and permeates the night.

The duo have worked or performed with the likes of Assemblage 23, Covenant, GosT, Dance with the Dead, Youth Code, I Ya Toyah, Cellmod, and Angelspit and count 6 major releases so far. New media projects, film scores, albums, and singles are always on the horizon.

Purchase “Live From Night City” on Bandcamp. Visit the Giant Monsters On The Horizon Patreon. Find them on Spotify, Twitter, and Facebook

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