Okay, maybe you’ve seen the commercial — it’s a stop-motion ad for gummi worm candy “Trolli,” and my partner and I are kind of obsessed with it… to the point of yelling “TROLLI!” at each other at any opportunity. So imagine my surprise when we get a press kit from Justin ‡ Symbol, aka Star Daddy, for last winter’s release Candy Man, and the album cover (pictured above) features Justin wallowing in sour gummi worms. I’m intrigued, Justin… tell me more.

“On this album, I threw the rule book aside of what people think I am supposed to be,” Justin explains. “I took trap, metal, goth/industrial, witch house, and techno and threw it in a blender. All of my influences are present, and I am creating the album I would most want to hear. Candy Man is the soundtrack to my version of the Apocalypse: it’s colorful, it’s sexual, it’s psychedelic, it’s dark and it’s fun at the same time. Why should the end of the world be boring?”

Candy Man opens with the song “End Times.” Timely per current events, and Justin requests you shake your tits during the Apocalypse (if you are so inclined). As I go back into some of Justin’s other work, I’m seeing these guys have been singing about the Apocalypse for a while. Nice. The second single on the album,“The Prophets of Nothing,” recalls Manson and the “Lunch Box” days… I’m talking Marilyn Manson, of course. Another vocalist coming in like Phil Anselmo on “Trash Fire” makes me smile — because yeah, Death Metal vocals are timeless.

Candy Man totals: nu-metal and electro-industrial; a song about Mothra and being mad at the Meter Maid; 1 reference to Kurt Cobain; lots of references to smashin’ it. Trigger warning for NSFW naughty lyrics… but does that really matter now since we’re all holed up in our little private bunkers? (Or should be… I’m looking at you, US States with no stay-at-home order!) Justin’s got some flow going on. I honestly put Candy Man on and kept working, with none of the usual “skip that track” that usually happens.

The song “Mothra” has a beat, and I can’t understand what Justin is saying most of the time, but I want to dance to it… and I’m still thinking about that damn Trolli candy.

Be sure to follow Justin ‡ Symbol (a.k.a. Star Daddy) on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and you can check out his music videos here.

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