It’s good to see some things that never change… like Vampire culture. Like any subculture, it’s not easy to explain to someone who doesn’t get it. I can walk into any Vampire Ball or Goth Con from 2001 to present day in any country in the world and there are some truisms: The fashions are virtually unchanged; lots of scantily-clad women; lots of fully-clothed guys; custom fangs worn by one and all. The music is dependable — it’s for those “in the know,” so to speak.

Such is the essence of the new video “Children of the Night,” from the single of the same name by the band Shadow Fashion, and directed by Erik Gustafson. Check it out:

The San Antonio-based dark electro-pop band explains that “the theme of the song speaks to the loneliness and isolation we have all done through at times. However, it is important to realize that we are never truly alone as we are surrounded by our friends, family and loved ones. [The Vampire scene is fortunate] to have clubs, DJ’s, promoters and musicians who understand the importance of community. At the end of the day, we are all ‘Children of the Night.’”

Director Erk Gustafson explains the video was “shot in three locations, including San Antonio and also at the Houston Vampire Ball… we had an absolute blast filming this. The band wanted to capture the heart of the dark scene through the lens of vampire culture, and in general, showcase the Texas scene. I felt we were able to do that, while simultaneously making a sexy and fun-to-watch video that represents the band well.”

That’s what I mean by “dependable.” Makes me want to pull out my New Rocks, a black pleather jacket and my Art By Latex choker, and relive the good times at the Endless Night Vampire Ball, circa 2001 in New Orleans.

I hope my fangs still fit.

The single “Children of the Night” is available as a digital download from BandCamp, and you can keep up-to-date on the band’s upcoming events and releases through their official Facebook page.

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