During this Corona Time I need some feel-good neurotransmitters on this #musicfriday and Los Angeles-based Dark Synth Riot artist Violent Vickie is ready to deliver with the single “Serotonin.” The accompanying music video is moody and edgy, featuring Vickie as a goth bride performing an occult magic ceremony in the woods.

About the video for “Serotonin” director AJ Strout says, “Taking visual influence from goth and synth pop videos of the early 1990s while exploring recent themes on the feminine erotic experience, ‘Serotonin’ is a collision of high contrast collage.”

“Equally playful and aggressive, the project examines romantic and sexual attachment  as well as personal empowerment. Our lover collects and nurtures unsalvageable beings—a gesture that mirrors the motherly act of sacrificing self for others at all cost. Images of nature, death, and the occult collide with images of the domestic space signaling the chaotic and interrelated relationship between sex, belief, and disorder.”

“Mirror images clash and tangle, reflecting the enmeshed nature of attachment while rage and dance gesture acknowledgement, awareness, anger and resistance.” The video was produced by Luka Fisher.

“Serotonin” was influenced by the sounds of Crystal Castles, Skinny Puppy, Godlesh, Sunno ))), NIN, Yoko Ono and  PJ Harvey. 

Find links for Violent Vickie’s single “Serotonin” on their Distrokid page.

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