Aaah, my favorite day of the week… #musicfriday. This video from the band Carré arrived in the Terror Time inbox and I hope it perks you up first thing this morning. I’m digging the music and loving the psychedelic video directed by Patrick Fogarty. This is as close as I’ll get to going to a club this weekend.

From the press release: The LA based French trio Carré has the media drawing comparisons to the edgy dark electronic rockers Cold Cave and Nitzer Ebb and dance floor favorites Factory Floor, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy and Soulwax, and rightfully so. 

image from the music video “Urgency” by Carré

With live instrumentation, featuring two drummers, they blend aggressive, dark and chaotic elements with organic hypnotic drum loops inspired by the psychedelic, electronic French touch.

A sample of audio by psychedelics guru Terence McKenna is heard in “Urgency,” hovering over a bed of electronic textures leading you through a meditative daze, giving the song a unique transcendental taste.

image from the music video “Urgency” by Carré

Urgency “ is the second single from their forthcoming self-tiled EP that will be released later this spring. For the video for this techno beat driven track, the trio work again with director Patrick Fogarty on this journey throughout your subconscious.

Find the single “Urgency” from Carré on Spotify, Soundcloud, and iTunes.

The band Carré

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