When it comes to up and coming directors in the genre, Adam Green’s name is #1 on that list, with his incredible list of films (Frozen, Hatchet I, II & III, Digging up the Marrow) and TV show Holliston returning for a third season. Adam is also a fan favorite for his great interactions with the fans and bringing fans what they want like with his web series Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover. But now Adam Green is bringing his true fans a treat they will WANT to have.

Limited to 50, this Hatchet set is the ultimate treat for the Hatchet fan,

According to Adam Green’s site Ariescope


For the serious HATCHET ARMY member and hard core memorabilia collector, this exclusive and extremely limited ULTIMATE CROWLEY SET contains everything you could ever dream of having to survive a night in “Victor Crowley’s” haunted swamp.  Only 50 of these sets will be ever sold.  Should ArieScope ever do another CROWLEY SET like this again, they will not include all of the items you see listed below.  Sets will come with an official COA (certificate of authenticity) that is hand numbered (1 – 50) and signed by HATCHET creator Adam Green.  Here’s all of the awesome stuff that you get:
This “Victor Crowley” Halloween mask was produced by Trick or Treat Studios and hand sculpted by Justin Mabry.  Though the mask itself will be available to purchase from select retailers, only the masks sold through ArieScope come autographed on the inside flap by HATCHET’s creator Adam Green.
One of the hardest aspects of completing your own “Victor Crowley” costume is getting your horror loving hands on a hatchet that looks like the iconic weapon used in the film.  That’s because Crowley’s signature hatchet does not exist in real life.  This one was designed by Adam Green himself and created by the film’s production team for the movie.  Exclusively produced from the actual original hatchet mold by Aunt Dolly’s Garage FX studio, these reproductions are identical replicas of the prop hatchet wielded by Kane Hodder in the making of HATCHET.  Never before have these been offered to the public and they are exclusive to this “Ultimate Crowley Pack” only and not sold separately.  Discreetly hand numbered “H1 #1 through H1 #50” for this exclusive ultimate set only, these prop hatchets might be made of foam and latex but still should NEVER be used to strike another human being or animal, even in jest. These prop hatchet weapons are almost identical to the prop hatchets created for stunt safety when filming HATCHET’s brutal kill scenes but should still be handled with care and kept out of reach of children.  Seriously, be responsible. Just because it is fake doesn’t mean it couldn’t still hurt someone by mistake. And again, these specific original run of prop hatchets are being custom made for these ULTIMATE CROWLEY SETS will not be sold separately… so don’t ask.
* HATCHET – Writer’s 1st Draft Screenplay Dated November 24, 2003
For the first time ever and exclusive to this “Ultimate Crowley Pack”, it’s Adam Green’s very first draft of HATCHET.  A remarkable read for any hard core HATCHET fan (especially for those who have read the “shooting draft”), find out how some of the deaths were first conceived to happen and see just how completely different the original ending was that Green first wrote.  (Did “Victor Crowley” really face off with a pack of alligators??)  Even better, this script comes complete with HATCHET’s FX coordinator Robert Pendergraft’s initial hand written notes on the pages involving the film’s extravagant special make-up effects sequences.  This screenplay will never be offered separately from this offer.
* HATCHET – Autographed Blu-Ray
The Blu-Ray of HATCHET comes loaded with special features and is autographed by writer/director Adam Green.
* “ME & MY MONSTER” – autographed 8X10 photo
This classic photo was used for promotional purposes leading up to the September 7, 2007 North American theatrical release of HATCHET.  The 8X10 photo features “Victor Crowley” holding creator Adam Green’s severed head and comes autographed by Adam Green himself.
A small vile of the exact same fake blood mixture used in the making of HATCHET. Provided directly from Aunt Dolly’s Garage FX studio.
Adam Green has also announced there is maybe 1 or 2 of these sets left that were released on Christmas Eve!