Resident Evil 7 brings back horror to the survival horror genre

Resident Evil 7 review


Many years ago, a tiny (yet still very metal) ten year old Ryan Cadaver convinced his parents to buy the first Resident Evil installment on PS1 at KB Toys and a diehard fan was born. I have so many fond memories playing each installment of the series, although there have been a lot of ups and downs over the years. RE has grown up a lot, we ditched the tank controls and the threats are faster and more aggressive but through that we lost something that made us fall in love with the franchise, the horror. RE 4 was a turning point for the series, but it was also the start of a more action oriented gaming series that started to resemble Call Of Duty more than the Resident Evil I grew up with.

Resident Evil 7 game

Like RE 4, the seventh installment looks to be a complete overhaul and change in style. With only a short demo available it is hard to anticipate where it will go. Will it be like PT and never be released? Will it be able to deliver on the concept and gameplay laid out in the trailer? Will it be able to sustain that atmosphere and pace through a full length game? That remains to be seen, but the demo for RE 7 absolutely blew my mind.

resident Evil 7 screen cap

The RE 7 demo is titled Beginning Hour, and was released after the E3 convention. I downloaded it the moment it was available on PS4. I am a big fan of games like Outlast, Alien Isolation and PT, so I was pretty much the perfect audience for this style of game. Does it resemble RE at all? Not remotely. However, as much as I love the antics of Leon, Jill and roided out Chris Redfield something needed to happen to shake up the series.

The demo is a first person prologue that tells you very little about what to expect of the story within the game but it does make one thing clear. This game is about horror first and foremost. The only objective that is given to you is “escape the house”. A vague yet perfect mission. It is up to you to figure out what to do next. The demo is loaded with fun Easter eggs that I suggest finding on your own but the overall 20 minutes or so of main gameplay is worth your time if you are any sort of horror fan.

Resident Evil 7 The game

The atmosphere of RE 7 is absolutely chilling. It is dark and creepy and it stuck with me for days after my first play through. It is rare that a modern horror game can capture my imagination so intensely. It never relents, it just ramps up more and more until the gruesome conclusion. This installment of Resident Evil has jumped up to my most anticipated PS4 release in the near future. I guess I will just have to keep replaying this demo until its release much like I did with PT. Let’s all just hope this doesn’t suffer the same fate as PT.

Check out a trailer for the new game below

Check out the trailer for Resident Evil: Final Chapter



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