Merchoid announced that an officially licensed Resident Evil 7 candle is being released to take virtual reality immersion to a new level. The biggest selling point of VR is the full immersion so maybe the next step is smelling games? The candle is called the “Blood, Sweat and Fears 4D Candle” is meant to be used alongside the VR version of RE7. It will supposedly smell like “foisty, old timber and blood”. This is all very much in line with what we have seen so far in the trailers and demos. The Baker Family home is a dark bloody nightmare of a place and these smells seem to be fairly accurate to the location.

VR gaming is already the best way to experience horror games so this gimmick is welcome. The candle is priced at $16 bucks and should last most of the duration of the game. I would suggest putting this out of reach of the player because fire doesn’t go well with blinded gamers.

Personally I am just hoping that the VR experience is as good as reports claim. The Kitchen demo was a thrill and the standard demo was fantastic but it has yet to be seen if RE7 can maintain this pace throughout the entire game. Reports of motion sickness worry me as well because walking movements in a virtual world has been a nauseating experience for several gamers.

The silver lining is if you puke it might just add to the atmosphere! Resident Evil 7 will be available on January 24 in both standard and VR formats for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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