As most of us are in “shelter-in-place” mode (we won’t call it “quarantine” yet), we’re all seeking comfort in our favorite horror movies, books, shows and games — and that’s a very healthy thing. Here at Terror Time, we’re doing our best to steer you in the direction of some cool and fun stuff, because we’re all in this together.

But let’s also take a moment to recognize how important a role art and entertainment plays in our lives. Movies don’t magically make themselves — they’re the product of hard work, sometimes years in the making, and sometimes we tend to forget the creative people who do this for a living.

To be sure, we’re not putting art on the same level as our first-responders, health workers, scientists, medical suppliers and technicians, food industry workers… well, you get the idea. But while those people labor round-the-clock and risk their lives every minute to save us from harm, we still have to stay sane and stable — and that’s where our work comes in handy.

But enough preamble… we’ll let Mr. Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund, speak for us all in our time of need — in his own special way:

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