Scout Taylor Compton burst into the horror genre with her powerhouse portrayal of Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN films and she’s continued to thrive in a variety of roles both in and out of the genre. From films with Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci to the upcoming films, GET THE GIRL and PENANCE LANE, Scout has no plans to slow down and as you’ll read will soon be getting behind the camera for her first directorial effort. With a dedicated following and a slew of future projects it doesn’t look like Scout will be slowing down anytime soon.

Terror Time: Scout, you’ve been a genre favorite for a few years now. What’s the hardest part of keeping the horror actress aspect separated from real life?

Scout Taylor Compton: I don’t necessarily keep them separated. For my entire life I’ve been raised in horror with my dad being a mortician so I grew up in a mortuary. It’s really a part of me.  I don’t keep it hidden especially when it comes to relationships you’ve got to accept all of me or don’t accept any of it.

TT: You’ve been a part of quite a few independent horror films. What is the aspect that you enjoy about independent films as opposed to the big studio film?

SC: More creativity. You don’t have a big studio telling you what you can and can’t do. It’s really more of a family aspect. There also is a lot more trust with developing your character. It’s really everyone’s blood, sweat, & tears on the set. It’s more of everyone’s baby on set as opposed to here’s a bunch of money this is how you have to do it.

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TT: When you’re going to set the first day of a film what do you do to get pumped up and ready?

SC: Ha ha.  I’m always super nervous when I go to set. I have a lot of anxiety anyways so I usually need to calm myself down so I don’t over load. I usually just mediate or listen to music.

TT: What’s a film in your filmography that you feel people might have missed that you’re really proud of?

SC: I love AMERICAN CRIME. It’s based on a true story and I love true story and period pieces. Also LOVE RANCH with Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci. Not a lot of people saw that. It kind of went under the radar.

TT: I’m so glad you mentioned LOVE RANCH. That is an amazing film. Have you ever thought about getting behind the camera to direct?


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SC: Yes. In fact, I’m directing my first short. I’m getting a bunch of my actor friends some of which are really well known and a DP that I’ve worked with on two movies and I’m doing it. It’s about me growing up in the mortuary. It’s like MY GIRL with a little fucked up twist.

TT: Wow. That sounds fantastic. What advice do you have for actresses that want to specifically be in horror films?

SC: I really kind of fell into it. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I auditioned for HALLOWEEN. Honestly what I would recommend is writing and directing your own films. I feel like there are so many cool and creative ideas to be had so what better way to do it than to be a female director. Then you won’t have to be naked and running for your life in every film.

TT: Exactly. Make the guys get nude and run away screaming for their lives.

SC: Ha ha. Yes, but no one would go see that. That would be great though.

TT: You’re in the upcoming film, GET THE GIRL. I’m a fan of Eric England’s work thus far. How was your experience filming?

SC: It was great. I love Eric. I would love to one day get to direct with him. We get along really well. Any time Eric calls me I’m there with no hesitation.

TT: Rob Zombie is a huge name in the genre. What surprised you the most about him when you started working with him the first day on set?

SC: I didn’t expect him to be as super sweet and super smart as he is. I don’t judge a book by its cover because I was judged based off of where I grew up and what my dad did. Rob’s persona was something I was attracted to growing up. He really does love each and every person that he put’s in his films. It’s just a big family.


Actress Scout Taylor-Compton and director Rob Zombie attend the Halloween II after party at Mood on August 24, 2009 in Hollywood, California. Halloween II Los Angeles Premiere - After Party Mood Hollywood, CA United States August 24, 2009 Photo by John Shearer/ To license this image (16928531), contact


TT: That’s fantastic. If you could play any type of role in any genre what would it be?

SC: Dude. Resident Evil. I want to do that so bad. I want to do action. I want to be the kickass action girl. It’s a goal of mine.

TT: You could be Sandahal Bergman for this generation of moviegoers.

SC: I wish man. I would love to be that. I love the empowerment of it. I love doing stunts. Every time on set they always have to talk me down to keep me from doing my own stunts. I’m actually training to be able to do all of my own stunts. I’m just really attracted to those types of roles.

TT: I pray we get to see you kicking ass in an action film soon. What do you have coming up that fans can look forward to?

SC: I just did the ABC show, NASHVILLE so I hope I come back on that next season. I did a movie in Thailand called GHOST HOUSE, PENANCE LANE with Tyler Mane, a movie called CYNTHIA with Bill Moseley and Sid Haig and I did a TV show that I can’t announce yet but stay tuned.


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TT: Where can people go online to follow you and stay up to date?

SC: I’m on Twitter and Instagram and every time I respond it’s always me.

TT: That’s so rare these days.

SC: I know right. So rare.

TT: Thank you so much for the time and discussion today.

SC: Oh of course. Thank you.





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